SLIM Volumetric Dough Divider
with pressure less measuring system for stress-free and oil-free dividing

Suitable for bakers and supermarkets, the compact SLIM dough divider uses an accurate vacuum system (rather than a piston forcing the dough through) to create equal portions of dough. This advanced technique results in excellent quality products since the dough is not compressed.

The SLIM dough divider uses a vacuum system to draw dough in and then cuts it off. That way the dough is not stressed. This system is ideal for delicate dough types, even with high water content.

The SLIM dough divider is designed in such a way that there is no metal-to-metal contact where components slide against each other. No dough remains in the chamber (vacuum system), whereas in piston-based systems dough is left behind and has to be taken out by opening the machine. Everything that comes in contact with dough is stainless steel or Teflon coated where necessary (hopper, pusher block).

The SLIM dough divider is excellent for small series of different products. Quick change of products because no dough remains in the dividing system. Compact design, small footprint and easy movable on swivel wheels.

Cleaning – which must be done on a daily basis – only takes several minutes as no opening of the machine is required. Piston and air filter can be easily removed for daily cleaning using a special tool supplied with the machine. The hopper can be removed quickly with four bolts.

All SLIM dividers come standard with transparent safety cover on top of the hopper for maximum operator safety.

SLIM 700  80 – 700 gr.

SLIM 1400  200 – 1400 gr.

SLIM 1700  300 – 1700 gr.

SLIM 2 x 200  50 – 200 gr.