D/ Cross Slicer Serie

The D/ Cross Slicer series of Daub offer the perfect slicing option for any retail, small wholesale, large retail or in-store bakery. Equipped with Daub’s patented unique and proven Cross slice system that cuts bread under an angle with a longer stroke of the blades resulting in faster slicing operations (even of fresh bread) and a long durability of blades. Combination of a solid base frame and light weight components create stability and silence, even after many years in operation.

Many years of operational experience have clearly proven that slicing blades in Daub’s patented Cross Slice System last up to three times longer compared to vertical placed blades in standard slicing equipment; while replacement of blades takes the same time as with standard slicing equipment.

All Cross Slicers are equipped for breads of up to 17″ long and 6″ height. An optional user-friendly bag blowing system for plastic bags can be placed on left, right or both sides of the machine.

The complete D/ Cross Slicer series of Daub consist out of three models. A semi automatic and automatic foot model, as well as a D/ Cross Slicer Up with in-feed chute for up to 7 breads. All Cross Slicers can be delivered with optional transparent safety curtains on outfeed side for maximum safety.

Hinged front tables provide easy access for cleaning, knife replacement or any other service operation. All Cross Slicers can be delivered with optional transparent safety flaps on out-feed side for maximum safety. Optional lockable swivel wheels ensure easy handling and safety but do not affect stability during operation.

D/ Cross Slicer

D/ Cross Slicer Automatic