D/ Slicer Serie

This all-new self slicer of Daub combines innovative technology with durable construction and strong blades to achieve better performance. It is ideal for modern bread shops slicing fresh bread on the request of customers.

The specially designed and patented Duo-Contra Slicing System uses 1mm thick blades whilst conventional machines use 0.5 mm thin blades that need to be tensioned under pressure. To allow this set up in the new D/ Self Slicer, the blades are positioned in a saw tooth wave and attached on one side only – allowing fast and easy replacement.

The D/ Slicer Self starts by closing the cover, which opens automatically once finished slicing.

The open and round design is easily cleaned. A centric construction makes it possible to turn the slicer around to gain easy access for service and maintenance. The strong blades allow a long operational life span of sometimes up to two years.

The D/ Slicer is available in two versions; D/ Slicer Shop model and D/ Self Slicer. D/ Slicer Shop model is designed for the bakery with a safety cover on the infeed to comply with safety regulations. This cover allows rapid unloading of the machine and it is possible to slice more than one bread at a time. Slicing speed is easily adjustable by the operator. The D/ Self Slicer is a self-slicing model with a safety cover that covers both in- and out feed. It starts automatically by closing the cover. This model allows customers to slice the bread themselves. The store manager can set the variable speed.

D/ Slicer Self

D/ Slicer Shop