Robopress Dough-butter press
with fixed press plate

Daub’s Robocut, Robotrad and Robopress dividers and presses are the latest design on the market today. These compact machines are designed to be mobile and maintenance friendly. All are equipped with a reliable and specially designed hydraulic system. The complete range Robocut, Robotrad and Robopress series are easy to use and quiet, creating a pleasant working environment.

Daub Robopress is a square shaped dough or butter press. It creates uniform, rectangular fat and pastry blocks. Pressing time is adjustable so it may also be used as a press for fermented dough. The Robopress is based on the Robocut range but equipped with a food-grade synthetic press plate instead of a dividing disc.

The Robopress is designed to meet toughest international hygienic, safety and operation standards. High grade stainless steel inner tub cover and synthetic food approved pressure plate make it hygienic and durable.

All Robopress models have a 43 x 43.5 x 12 cm tub for up to 20 kg of dough or butter.

Robopress  Pressing by moving and holding joy-stick lever up and down.

Robopress Variomatic  Operated by joy-stick lever and touch control panel; pressing with full automatic one-touch work cycle, auto start-up by closing the lid, automatic self-locking, release, unlocking and opening of the lid, cycle time reduction and flexible programming for up to 10 different work cycles. Standard equipped with variable pressure regulation.