Robotrad-t Moulding Divider
with dividing disc and interchangeable moulding grill in the lid

Daub’s Robotrad-t is a hydraulic divider for artisan bread that benefited from a long pre-proofing time. By using an interchangeable grill inside the lid, it is possible to divide the dough without the use of any pressure. Moulding and forming is archieved by gently moving dough through the removable grill which is available in various long, square, circular and triangle versions.

As the dough comes out in its final shape, it can be transferred straight into the oven.

The position of the moulding grill inside the lid provides absolute safety for the baker or any other operator. By replacing the grill with a flat top plate, Robotrad-t has all functionalities of the classic Daub Robocut hydraulic dough divider.

Moulding grills are Teflon coated for easy cleaning and reducing the need for flour during the dividing process. When not in use, the grill or top plate can be placed in one of the two supports placed on both sides of the machine.

All Robotrad-t models have a 43 x 43.5 x 12 cm tub for up to 20 kg of dough.

Robotrad-t  Operated by joy-stick lever and touch control panel; pressing, dividing, forming and moulding with full automatic one-touch work cycle, auto start-up by closing the lid, automatic self-locking, release, unlocking and opening of the lid, cycle time reduction and flexible programming for up to 10 different work cycles. Press-only function; for use as dough or butter press only. Standard equipped with variable pressure regulation

Robotrad-t Automatic  Pressing, dividing and moulding by one-touch of joy-stick lever left (automatic moulding cycle) or right (for automatic dividing cycle) both with auto release of the lid. For pressing, optional lower press plate is required. For pressing with grill in the lid, upper press plate is needed.

Robotrad-t Variomatic  Full automatic one-touch work cycle, auto start up, self-locking and opening of lid. By closing the lid, machine automatically locks, start operation and automatic release and opening when operation is finished. Standard equipped with pressure regulation, adjustable pressing time, memory for 10 work cycles and press-only function. Strictly, no optional lower yellow pressure plate required but still advisable. For pressing with grill in the lid, upper press plate is needed.