SLIM 1400

Vacuum based continuous dough divider for stress-free and oil-free dividing with weight range 200 – 1400 gr.

  • Vacuum scaling system with built-in vacuum pump and compressor
  • High grade stainless steel cylinder and piston
  • Teflon coated stainless steel hopper for 50 or 90 kg dough with safety cover
  • Capacity up to 1,100 pieces per hour
  • Electronic variable speed, piece counter and manual weight setting
  • Length of outfeed belt 50 cm (optional 100 cm)
  • Stainless steel covers
  • On swivel wheels with brake
  • Energy efficient with low power consumption (1.6 kW)


  • Outfeed belt 100cm
  • Oiling of hopper plate
  • Additional oiling of pusher block (3 or 5 holes)
  • Raised underframe 10 or 30 cm
  • Electric flour duster
  • Hopper 50 kg
  • Height conveyer belt / double belt outfeed (for up to 135 cm)
  • Pre-rounder module
  • Rounder module for 20 – 1000 gr. dough balls
  • Depositor with 150L or 300L volume
  • Adjustable vacuum reduction valve for hydrated dough
  • Additional start/stop switch next to outfeed belt
  • Connection for compresser air
  • Ribbed outfeed belt
  • Moulding plate on outfeed belt *
  • Dough scrapper on outfeed belt
  • Optical safety curtain on hopper infeed
  • Teflon coated hopper block
  • Preparation for pre-rounder or rounder module

* Only in combination with outfeed belt 100cm


  • Recommended spare parts for 3 years operation
  • Set O-rings and filters

Power 1.6 kW, 1-phase, net weight 380 kg
Height outfeed belt 70 – 80 cm
Height hopper infeed 133 cm (50kg hopper) / 163 cm (90 kg hopper)
WxDxH 67 x 120 x 133 cm (50 kg hopper) / 67 x 120 x 163 cm (90 kg hopper)

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Accurate vacuum assisted system for stress-free dividing that respects all types of dough.

Vacuum scaling system with built-in vacuum pump for dough pieces of excellent quality.

Healthy and hygienic; no dough remains in the vacuum chamber which makes the SLIM easy to clean and perfectly suitable for quick changing of dough types. High grade stainless steel vacuum cylinder is available with single or double food grade piston.